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Boca Raton VFW Post 10556

Welcome to Boca Raton VFW Post 10556 in Veterans Park


Welcome to Boca Raton VFW Post 10556 in Veterans Park 

MIA update

Update August 8,2019 Korean/Cold War MIA Family


The VFW Washington Office attended the Korean/Cold War Family’s annual meeting this week in nearby Arlington, Va. Hosted by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, the purpose was to highlight successes and continuing challenges to locate and recover more than 7,700 unaccounted- for Americans on the Korean Peninsula. Atop the agenda was the lack of movement in reopening DPAA-led recovery operations in North Korea, which 

the U.S. is trying to keep separate from denuclearization talks. One year ago this 

week, 55 transfer cases containing the co-mingled remains of perhaps more than 

150 Americans returned to U.S. soil. To date, eight have been identified, with another two dozen IDs expected to be announced within a few weeks. The VFW is all-in 

where it concerns the return of missing and unaccounted-for servicemen, and looks forward to continuing to work with DPAA and the families to bring our troops home. 


US Attacked December 1941

Now 78 years later....Remember that fateful day December 7 1941 When the US suffered a surprise  attack  on  US military forces in Hawaii

*****Benefits Update*****

Blue Water Update

     The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act. The bill intended to guarantee disability benefits to 90,000 veterans is now headed to the president's desk for a signature. 

The Blue Water bill already passed the House unanimously just before Memorial Day. Last year, the same bill passed the House only to stall out and die in the Senate. 

The bill is just one more provision in a decades-long fight to guarantee the same benefits to thousands of Navy veterans who served in the waters offshore of Vietnam that their land and brown-water comrades are entitled to after potentially being exposed to toxic Agent Orange.

Just one week ago, the final legal battle for Blue Water Navy veterans to receive their VA disability benefits for exposure to the cancer-causing toxin appeared to be finished. The Justice Department dropped its appeal of a federal court decision from earlier this year.    Tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans can have their disability benefits restored, and well as an expansion of benefits to military dependents, veterans of the Korean DMZ, and those exposed to toxic hazards in Southwest Asia.”  6/12/2019

Only needs President to sign the bill 
Thank You VFW legislative Lobby
Only needs President to sign the bill Thank You VFW legislative Lobby

Veterans Serving Veterans

Helping Veterans Navigate Benefit Programs


 We endeavor to help every veteran, spouse, and family when in need.  Also the post participates in local veteran affairs and community events. Our post prides it self helping others and providing assistance to those in need   

Join our efforts supporting brother and sister veterans


 We have a Service Officer available Mondays from 10:00 AM - 2:00PM.  The SO will assist veterans, spouses and families with VA benefits and services. Call the post to schedule appointment

We Salute all Military and Veterans


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Thank you veterans!  We encourage recent veterans to join us.

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