Our Leaders

Post Officers

  • Commander  Barry Goldin
  • Senior Vice Commander  William T. Tydings                
  • Junior Vice Commander  Daniel Thomas
  • Quartermaster  Warren J. Muench
  • Chaplain  Richard P. Melohn
  • Surgeon  Gertrudis Perez-Dusek
  • Adjutant  Warren J. Muench
  • Program Chairman  Gary Rose
  • Judge Advocate  Bruce Gilpin
  • Service Officer  Samuel J. Shoptaw, Jr.
  • Trustee-1 yr.  William B. Doyle
  • Trustee-2 yr.  Gary Rose
  • Trustee-3 yr.   Al Ingersoll III
  • Newsletter Editor  Warren J. Muench
  • Activity Chairman   Mike Day

Our Mission

 To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans.  

support working through the benefit maze

Our Service Office Samuel J. Shoptaw, Jr. Is available to help you understand benefits you may be entitled too

NewsLetter Downloads

VFW_Post_10556_Newsletter_09_2018 (pdf)


VFW_Post_10556_Newsletter_10_2018 (pdf)


11-17 VFW Post 10556 C newsletter (pdf)